Yesterday I had the opportunity to have lunch with my husband (and no children). I insisted on checking out the DFAC (dining facility aka cafeteria) near him, since I had heard how great it is. And it was great. I mean, it’s a cafeteria, but it’s a low, flat price for whatever you want, the salad bar had an acceptable number of toppings and dressings (the spinach was fresh), and there were plenty of choices of hot entrees and desserts. I would eat there again.

We selected a bar-height table. There was a TV with CNN on.

Suddenly, eating cafeteria food in that setting brought back memories of sharing meals with my husband, long before he was my husband, at our college’s dining facility, at a bar height table, with CNN on the TV.

A decent salad bar and a tab of $8.50 for two people are definitely incentives to frequent the DFAC, but the real reason I’d go back is to imagine, for a half hour, that I am 20 again.

2 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. That made me smile! Aren't those moments wonderful?!

  2. Those moments are soooo awesome.
    We just returned from our alma mater, where we met and dated for 4 years before becoming engaged our senior year.
    A wonderful trip down memory lane!!

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