Monday Monday

For breakfast, I had a huge bowl of sliced apples (with a side of fruit dip). For lunch I think it will be pineapple and strawberries.

I have tons of leftovers here, so if you’re hungry, come on over.

Party seemed to go well. Funny that the BBQ chicken – no recipe – using homemade leftover sauce – is all gone. I didn’t even get a piece.

I didn’t get any margarita cupcakes either. I will definitely make a double batch next time. My bottle of tequila is half gone.

And our stock of Jack Daniels, Maker’s Mark and vodka took a hit. If we have this crowd over again, I think we’ll need to restock.


Public schools down here ended last week. My school still has some lingering material. Motivation is sorely lacking this morning, but, nevertheless, off we go.

One thought on “Monday Monday

  1. I feel like we're crawling over the finish line, here. Never experienced this before.

    How did the Mojo Chicken turnout? Or did you go with BBQ instead? Or IS Mojo the BBQ? Too many questions for so early.;-)

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