The Trouble with Email

I received this email from a good friend (note that I have have cut and pasted in its entirety):

Going through the pit of despair (a.k.a. my closet). Surfaced with two pairs of size 14 pants from you. Wondering if you need them right away? One tan and one navy. Will get them in the mail to you soon if so or (my husband) can bring them when he comes to the conference the second week of June.

I was a little confused. We had traded clothing as friends cycling through these child-bearing years are apt to do: pre-baby clothes, maternity clothes, post-baby but not yet pre-baby clothes. Sure, it was nice of her to want to return any post-baby size 14’s I may have loaned her, but it certainly wasn’t urgent. Did I complain about my weight on our last phone conversation? Probably. Did we discuss mid-cycle guesses about the possibility of conception? Yes, isn’t that what women talk about? Or is she just being snarky and reminding me how she is only a few pounds away from her goal weight? Hm. Not likely. I decided to respond thusly (again, I cut and pasted…note that neither of us use salutations or sign our names):

hey. I admit that the size 8s are still just a bit too tight, but I have a LONG way to go to get to 14, and I really didn’t think I was heading in that direction. Yet. After the food at my party on Sunday, I may be, but I plan to not eat the rest of the week. So, really, take your time on returning the pants. thanks.

Her reply:

BOYS size 14. Sorry.

Oh. Yes. That is pretty funny.

8 thoughts on “The Trouble with Email

  1. Well, she did say “MY closet”. Of course that's what you's think.

  2. LOL Thanks for the morning laugh. My day is complete. 😉

  3. That's hysterical!! And you are FAR from a 14, my friend!!

  4. Tee hee!
    I'd have thought the same thing.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I never expected the ending! Oh how we read between the lines.

  6. Yeesh.
    I was getting all “worked up” on your behalf.
    Yup. I have been in similar situations.

  7. That is too funny! Thanks for the chuckle;0)

  8. LOL. That's the first time I've used that e-lingo.

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