School for today will be a field trip to observe marine life, wave and tide progression, and the effects of sunlight on hair and skin. In other words, we’re going to Hilton Head.

Last weekend, Bill’s work took him away from us to Colorado Springs and the Olympic Village where he met many paralympians. If you ever want to feel like a whiny slacker (oh, my foot hurts, I can’t go running…), spend a few days listening to the stories of these courageous people who overcome significant disabilities to compete in events I couldn’t master even with all my limbs and senses intact.

Among others, he met these inspirational, young men from Cleveland, Ohio.

High school teammates carry on

A few years ago, Bill traveled to Germany with his boss to visit wounded soldiers. He had a hangnail, which we all know can be painful and annoying. But he knew how ridiculous it was to be bothered by something like that when he was surrounded by people who had lost limbs or half their brains. Hopefully that video will put some perspective on whatever ails you right now.

Have a great weekend.

One thought on “TGIF

  1. We were at the Olympic Training Center last weekend. We saw a couple of soldiers – wonder if one was your dh. The video they show prior to the tour not only shows highlights of the Olympic Games, but of the Paraolympic Games, probably about half the video. It's incredibly moving

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