Little Ears, Big Mouths

Bill met me at the hospital where I was to have a needle stuck in my foot. Rather unpleasant experience. He took the kids to get haircuts (the boys) and to buy Mother’s Day presents.

I met him when I was done and we argued discussed the parking over by his office where I had to go for a meeting. His parking lot is tight and there are few free spaces. And my van is big. He wanted me to just pull up behind his car. I whined about how small his lot was, and suggested he drive the van and I would drive his car.

He agreed, although he teased me mercilessly. I believe the term he used was “pathetic.” You see how he loves me?

An hour later, after the meeting, we loaded the kids up and I pulled away. Peter pipes up from the middle row. “Mommy, why were you uncomfortable parking Moby?”

Just when you think their minds are like sieves, they prove how closely they really do listen.

4 thoughts on “Little Ears, Big Mouths

  1. Funny. We just bought a new (to us) van. I'm supposed to park it in the garage. Ahh! The thing is huge, especially after driving around our little Honda. I really think it's funny when I pull up behind a Prius. 😉

  2. HAHA!! We're looking to get a Moby ourselves! I haven't even been inside one, so I am QUITE nervous about parking!!

  3. My family car is a Suburban – two years ago we got a Prizm for my oldest to drive to college and for me to do local driving. Oh, such a lovely narrow turning angle this car has compared to the Sub….

  4. I'm so scared to be a Big Van Mom! Our road is so narrow and bumpy. I already know I'll park a half mile away from the entrance to the store so I don't run into someone else's car, but I haven't figured out how to pull off to the side of our dinky road if someone is coming in the other direction.

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