The high cost of bacon

When we arrived home yesterday, Mary was napping. I really had to restrain myself from waking her up right away. Later, I decided to run to the grocery store for a few items, and wanted to be sure to be home before she awoke.

I went. I shopped. I came home and put the freezer stuff in the freezer in the garage and hauled half the remaining bags to the kitchen. Mary was still sleeping. Good.

As I unloaded the bags and Bill went out for the few I couldn’t carry, I realized I didn’t have the bacon. Billy likes bacon, and we didn’t have any last weekend. I made sure to pick up bacon at the store, but it wasn’t in the bags, not even in the ones Bill brought in. Flustered and annoyed and worried that I’d not be home when Mary woke up, I hurried back to the store, which is right across the street from my neighborhood.

I cannot drive when I’m flustered and annoyed and worried. I just can’t. So as I backed out of the drive, I backed into our mailbox, spinning it 45 degrees, and smashing the taillight on the driver side (and let’s not talk about the scratch on the rear quarter panel, ok?). Now I was even more flustered and annoyed and worried, but I trudged on to the store. The man at the customer service counter walked with me over to the appropriate cashier who remembered me (I should hope so – I had left there about 15 minutes prior).

She had bagged the bacon with some other items that went straight into the freezer, bag and all. My bacon was at home and had been all along.

Now I was flustered and annoyed and worried and really really angry at myself, but I managed to drive home without killing myself or others or destroying more property.

And Mary was still asleep. And my husband, who has to clean up my mess, was very forgiving (imagine the scene where the sinful woman is weeping at Jesus’ feet, only my hair is shorter and my husband had shoes on).

And we had bacon for breakfast.

5 thoughts on “The high cost of bacon

  1. My heart goes out to you. I ran into a decorative column outside of our bank when I was flustered and trying to get there before they closed. The dent is still there and when I told people that I hit a bank, I let them believe that I meant a snowbank. This is in fact the second time I've hit a (financial) bank while driving under the influence of Emotions.

  2. Ah, a DUIE. Must remember that.

  3. Bacon is a staple as important as milk in our house. My boys need protein in the morning to make it through. I buy the large packs of microwave bacon at Costco. We go through about 5 a month, but it's worth it.

  4. I think my boys would have agreed that it was worth it.

    Probably not my husband.

    DUIE… I love it!

  5. I empathize….it's always the stupid things that end up causing the accidents, the split second spurts of anger/emotion that make you say “if only I hadn't done this or that, or if only I could back up five minutes, I would've known not to do this…” At least it was just your car and the repair part was cheap.

    My daughter recently parked her car in a too narrow space at school, swiping off the passenger mirror of the car next to her. She did the honest thing and left her name and phone number. Boy was I floored when the gal called with a $200 estimate for a mirror…I was thinking something more like $50. The price of being honest.

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