Today is our last full day here. It has been very busy, and not very restful, but that’s OK.

I DO miss the kids. But not terribly. They sound so cute and sweet on the phone, and I can’t wait to see them again. But I’m not dying without them. This is a good sign for my marriage. If Bill weren’t here, I am certain I would not be so content.

I have enjoyed sitting next to my husband in some of the classes. I have really enjoyed passing notes to him during the talks. During one talk on Trauma (death, loss, illness and other cheerful topics), I was sniffling. He wrote, “You’re too empathetic.” I responded, “You are invalidating my emotions.” If you’ve ever done a marriage retreat or read marriage help books, you might understand why we both thought that was very funny.

I have enjoyed going for a run/walk with my husband most mornings. Eastern Kansas is very hilly, but where I currently live is very flat. My shins do not enjoy the terrain, nor do they think wearing heels and briskly walking to and from class (about a half mile) is a good idea. But it’s nice being with Bill.

I have enjoyed being at Leavenworth, especially in the spring. This is a beautiful campus, and we have many happy memories here. We have talked about returning here, maybe in a few years, maybe doing the “twilight tour” as they call that last job you have before you retire. We shall see.

I have enjoyed eating meals with my husband. Without interruption. Without having to hurry up before there is a meltdown in a restaurant. Without having to gear some or all of our conversation around or away from topics that the children may or may not hear.

It has been a good week. I hope it is not another decade before we do this again.

3 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. Sigh. Sound divine 🙂

  2. Ugh. I need a proofreader! Sounds divine.

  3. Seriously. How nice!

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