Sports Tip

Baseball games started yesterday. The boys’ team lost 7 to 6. Tonight they face the “best” team – only a game or two in, and there is already a “best” team.

Somewhere, sometime, and I don’t remember where or when, I read (on a blog, I think) the suggestion to have your child athlete place his uniform in a mesh laundry bag (designed for delicates) so that it can go in and out of the wash together. No missing socks or washing the jersey and forgetting the pants.

I thank you, whoever you are, for this tip, and I pass it on to all you other moms gearing up for a sweaty, dirty season on the diamond. Off to rotate my wash.

2 thoughts on “Sports Tip

  1. OOoooooh, what an awesome tip! Thank you!

    and, best wishes to the athletes.

  2. oh, i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    with 4 uniforms to wash, this is a great idear 🙂

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