Are we done yet?

We made it until February before getting sick this winter, so I can’t complain. Everybody seems to have stuffy noses and scratchy throats today. And we’re cranky. And tired. I lay down with Mary to take a nap and only got up because the older kids were fighting over who got to pick the next video. I’ve been trying hard to get the house in order this week, so we can get back to school next week. Lack of routine generates bickering and complaints of boredom.

We’ve been here less than a week and we’ve already attended baseball tryouts for the boys, Little Flowers for the girls, and hosted friends returning home to Virginia from vacationing in Florida. No, the friends were not too eager to head into the Snow Capital. I think what I miss most about our own vacation is the lack of commitments. But then again, that simple lifestyle might get old after a while, too. We do enjoy doing things.

My hope is that hubby can set up my computer for me soon (today?). It’s unpacked, and I suppose I could hook it up myself. But I enjoy letting him spoil me. Besides, I have a garage to sort and two missing lampshades to locate. And I have to figure out what to do about storing all these toys. I think the Salvation Army may have room…

One thought on “Are we done yet?

  1. I hope your back-to-normal comes soon. 🙂

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