Back to work

There is currently a 69 degree difference in temperature between where I live in GA and where my sister lives in AK. Of course, she will be comfortable this summer while I am wilting.

Northern VA is expecting another 10 to 20 inches on top of the 30 they got last weekend. I can not claim sadness at missing out on that disaster.

Unpacking is my life right now. The kitchen is almost done, although I cannot find a few key items, and I am waiting for a door mounted spice rack I ordered from The Container Store.

The school books are still boxed, as is my computer. Today I must focus on my bedroom and unpacking clothes. The recycling center is open today, so I can unload one huge stack of cardboard. I have about 8 loads in my garage after that, plus what I add today. Once I empty the garage of flattened boxes I can try to sort the garage which is one huge dumping ground.

Unpacking is the hardest part of moving.

Amazingly, nothing from the kitchen was broken, but the packer did not tape items shut, so I had things like cornstarch everywhere. They did break one table, which was broken on our move to Kansas as well. I need to Google furniture restoration. The restorers in KS did a great job, so I only moan over the inconvenience of doing it and the hassle of getting reimbursed.

All in all, things are going well. Bill has started work, so we missed having him around. Jenny fell off her scooter twice yesterday and scraped herself pretty badly. She was crying for Daddy. I am now chopped liver.

2 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Glad you've arrived in our warm state! Hope you survive the unpacking and organizing.

  2. So I'm guessing you're not pining for New Jersey, then? 🙂

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