Adultery in the kitchen

“I’m cheating on you,” I confessed to my husband as he was pouring his beer and I was making dinner.

“Oh?” he said with mild curiosity, but not a hint of concern. He barely glanced up from his task.

“I’m trying to clear out the freezer and I found some frozen meatballs that have been sitting there. I don’t know why I bothered to buy them; they’re Swedish meatballs. So, I’m using them for the Guinness meatball recipe.

It’s my sauce, but somebody else’s balls.”

And he laughed. As did I. It is good to laugh again.

Just so you know, the Guinness on the left is for drinking, and the Guinness on the right is for cooking. One bottle is the perfect size for double this recipe, and you will want double. Store-bought meatballs are adequate, but just adequate. If you want to impress the friends at the Superbowl party, make ’em from scratch.

7 thoughts on “Adultery in the kitchen

  1. baaaahhaaaaaaaa!!!! You made me spit out my tea!!!!

  2. snort! very funny!

  3. You can buy meatballs at the store?

    Wow, I am young and sheltered.

  4. (Of course, I delurk to say that.)

  5. That's a good one to delurk to.

    Freezer section. Italian, swedish and homestyle.

  6. This made me hungry enough that I clicked over and linked to that post on my weekly roundup. Thanks for sharing it – and the fun story. :>)

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