Product Review: Bedwarmers

It’s winter. It’s cold. What helps me get through these frigid nights? Bedwarmers.

I have several models. The first is called HUBS. It is nearly six feet long and can conform to your body. You put it either behind you or in front of you for full length, head to toe, warmth.

Another model I have is called TOT. This is a fraction of the size of HUBS, but packs quite a bit of heat. You cannot use it to warm your feet (it will break), but it works very well for upper body warming.

I also have an older TOT model – over 4 years old. I have noticed that over time these models tend to expand with age. While this means more surface area of warmth, the dynamics of the model change as well, and it is not well known for its ability to remain in one position for a long period of time. In fact, my particular model often turns 90 degrees and pokes me uncomfortably. I’ve been through several other TOTs now, and for me, by the time they get about 3 years old, they are not the best choice for keeping a bed warm.

Unlike electric blankets, none of the Bedwarmers needs a power supply. They do, however, require daily maintenance, even throughout the year. With proper TLC, some HUBS have lasted 50 or 60 years, providing a lifetime of warm winter beds.

I am very fortunate to have found my Bedwarmer (HUBS) back in the early 90’s when there was a plentiful supply. Today’s newer models just don’t suit me, and the older models are hard to find. I do recommend getting a HUBS before getting a TOT. Since TOTs only last a few years and their performance is erratic, a well-cared-for HUBS is essential for continuous warm winter nights.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this review. Good Bedwarmers are hard to find and results may vary, since each one is unique.

14 thoughts on “Product Review: Bedwarmers

  1. Problem with HUBS is that they sometimes snore, and some even move around during the night, thus cramping you.

  2. You had me going there for a brief minute…!! Very funny! My HUBS model has lasted 15 years, but I have to agree with Christina – the snoring can be an issue. A well placed poke in the shoulder and making sure it's up in it's side usually does the trick….! 🙂

  3. My own HUBS has been an excellent bed warmer for over 25 years. My four versions of TOTS, however, have long lost their bed warming functionality. My first TOT, however, has just transitioned to being a HUBS model. Perhaps he will acquire his own TOT version in a year or two. For warming feet, I do enjoy the LAB model. However, the bed warming function must be primed with a long walk or endless games of fetch. This model also maintains a cold, wet protuberance that sometimes counteracts its bed warming properties.

  4. Oh, you are funny! There are older models, KIDS, that can keep you warm but like the older TOT model, changes position.

  5. Bwhahahahahahahaa.

    I read that out loud to my HUBS model, who is going on 19 years of useage.

  6. Our TOTS model is the best! Just when we're thinking it might be worth it to drag out a space heater, the TOTS joins us and saves us the effort.

  7. Life is good again, eh? Your sense of humor is in fine shape. My TOTS stopped working early on, but my HUBS is the best bed warmer ever.

  8. In addition to the new HUBS I acquired just under a year ago, I am fond of our CAT models. They kick out plenty of KTUs (that's Kitty Thermal Units), and usually don't have a problem with snuggling. Unfortunately, they have some of the disadvantages that TOTS have, including changed positions, and they seem to want to occupy the same space as HUBS, which gets awkward.

  9. personally, i dont like having a bedwarmer. don't get me wrong, i like having a HUBS in the bed, i just prefer it to remain on its own side of the bed. i dont like things touching me when i sleep and often get hot on my own (thus no socks while sleeping either).
    great post.

  10. fantastic review! I have a brand new Babe model, guarenteed to keep you roasting when you carry it out and about, just tuck it in a babe carrier and go. An oversized coat can keep all the heat in most efficiently.

  11. LOL Very funny. Love it.

  12. I'm with Regina on this one…with one leg stuck out of the covers, of course…but not over the side of the bed (monsters, you know). I like all of my bedwarmer models but they are only good for the first five minutes of bedtime. After that, they all get shoved off the side of the bed. I don't care if the monsters eat THEM. 🙂

  13. ROFL!! I do with that HUBS came with a “mute” button for the snoring, though.

  14. I used a TOT last night that I acquired 3 years ago. This one had been working fine, but suddenly has been malfunctioning. I awoke last night to a sharp jab in the eye. I finally had to put it back upstairs.

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