Aren’t bird sanctuaries peaceful?

This year’s pickle finder was awarded Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song (a big thank you to Jenn Miller for pointing out the book to me).

The book gets 8 thumbs up over here.

Everybody loves it.

One feature which the adults may or may not like so much, though, is the option to “Play All”. Yes, all 250 birds songs, one right after the other with no need to punch in a code and press play for each one.

One child said, “I like this because it sounds like we’re in a zoo.”

And we needed help with that?

Happy New Year! We’re home safe and sound from our travels and happy to rest up for a day or two. Then on to preparing for The Big Move and all the adventures that it entails.

One thought on “Aren’t bird sanctuaries peaceful?

  1. I'm glad it's a hit for your household. We use those books almost every day. In all the years we've owned the book no one has ever hit Play All. Sorry about that!

    My SIL gave another version of that book to my MIL and she just loves it — and now we have a bird book to play with when we visit her.

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