I should be sleeping instead of blogging

The children will not go for a ride in the car tomorrow. Mary, poor Mary, is especially sick of traveling.

There are some things I miss about New Jersey. Traffic is not one of them.

It was nice today to go to Mass at our old parish and have friendly faces and warm hugs to greet us. Hard to believe we left nearly five years, and two kids, ago.

Also nice to visit extended family we haven’t seen for a while, especially now that there are second cousins for our kids to play with. The littlest one, still a few months away from age three, loved Katie’s sparkly “princess” dress – Katie loves it too. And because Jenny was wearing a dark blue gingham dress, the girl decided her name must be Dorothy. Too bad Jenny doesn’t have any ruby red slippers.

I wonder how many late nights these kids can tolerate. Or how many I can tolerate.

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