8 thoughts on “Deep thoughts on the Eve of the Eve of Christmas

  1. It's not a gallon, but I believe they had half gallon containers at Target a few days before Thanksgiving. At least that's a bit better than the small little quart cartons.

  2. Make your own from scratch, raw eggs and all. And put some gin or rum in it….far less junk in it than the store bought stuff.

  3. Karen, my kids get through a half gallon in one sitting, I think.

    Christina, the store bought stuff is for the kids. We use this recipe.

  4. Obviously, the suppliers don't have kids who like egg nog & not enough of them, anyway, to consume it by the gallon!

    I only saw quarts, but I'll take Karen's advice & see if our Target has the half gallons.

    BTW, what else should I stock up on besides bacon, eggs, pancake mix, & bread? What kind of cereal?

    A little swamped here, so taking advantage of the blog instead of e-mailing!

    Dad will be making his “killer egg nog” tonight.

  5. Because it's so expensive to make, that they'd have to charge about 8 bucks for a gallon size and they think that that looks like WAY too much to most consumers. They think that we'll all realize just how overpriced it is, and then we'll just stop buying it alltogether…or something? Say, that IS a good question!

  6. Ah, that looks like a good recipe…

  7. We have one sad little quart in the fridge. I'll have to use the Tylenol dropper to drip the eggnog into my kids mouths. Not sure how I will equally divide the quart among seven children.

  8. They have half gallons at my Kroger, but not gallons. My guess is that, since egg nog is so rich, they figure your “average” family of 2 parents and 1.5 kids won't go through a gallon before it goes off.

    (They're nuts – I can go through a half gallon on my own before it goes off!)

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