Called out on the carpet

My sister called me yesterday to tease me about yesterday’s post.

“Candy? Carols? What happened to the penitential season of Advent?”

“I’ve been doing penance for 6 months,” I protested.

“And, seriously, you didn’t leave him any shopping to do for you?”

“He wasn’t supposed to be home until the 28th!”

“You are going to bake cookies, right?” Not having Christmas cookies is a mortal sin in our world.

“Good grief, woman! I’ll get to it. Eventually.”

Mental note: little sisters scrutinize blog posts more harshly than the average reader.

7 thoughts on “Called out on the carpet

  1. This is the first year my children got to decorate or do anything with cookies. However, that only happened because a dear friend baked them and had us over to decorate.

  2. Christmas cookies? I consider them optional. And they do not necessarily need to be made BEFORE Christmas. Sounds like you're on top of everything important.

  3. Amen on Little Sisters!

    You have every reason to start celebrating immediately.


  4. I have to say that BIG sisters do the same!

  5. MIchelle, considering we don't have an exact date on the birth of Christ, we may actually be out of Advent anyway! Little sisters can be sooooo annoying!! (something poor Molly hears all the time!)

  6. I'm with Rosemary — Christmas cookies (when they get made) are often made here during Christmas season (that is, after the 25th)! Then there's more time to enjoy making them with my daughter. Yeah, THAT's why — not just because I didn't get to them sooner…..

  7. Perhaps younger sisters, because they always looked up to their older ones, expect elementary perfection!

    Just saying – have no practical experience myself!

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