It’s all Mattel’s fault

New Government Policy Imposes Strict Standards on Garage Sales Nationwide

You make me promises, promises.

Remember when we all went crazy over the new laws for lead in toys and other products for children?

Why do I believe promises, promises?

It won’t apply to resale, they said.

Knew you’d never keep all of your promises.

We’ll still be able to shop at thrift stores and yard sales and eBay, they said.

We didn’t really believe that, did we?

5 thoughts on “It’s all Mattel’s fault

  1. I wish the gov't would stop pretending to care about our children.

  2. Hey, thanks, Big Brother! Now I will never buy lead-embedded toys from a yard sale again.

    Oh wait, all those lead toys I bought were from Target, not Walmart. And they came from China, not Etsy or Goodwill.

  3. Sarah-Kala took the words out of my mouth. Stop murdering our children with one hand and trying to 'save' them with the other!!

  4. These regulations will work a great hardship on small toy manufacturers, as well as yard sales. Interestingly, Mattel, who was the company that was importing the lead toys from China, has been granted a dispensation from the outside testing and will be allowed to “self test” their toys.

  5. Yup…they're pulling so much over on us these days its hard to keep up with all of it.

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