Is anybody else looking forward to Christmas yet?

They had Advent calendars and specialty Christmas candy out at the commissary today.

Isn’t that w o n d e r f u l ?

Only 80 more days until the Feast of St. Nicholas. Just in case you were counting.

7 thoughts on “Is anybody else looking forward to Christmas yet?

  1. I'm interested to know what you're family does to celebrate St. Nicholas Day. This will only be our second year celebrating it with the kids.

  2. OK, I'll be the only one to say it…



    I do love the holiday season, really I do. It's just an insanely crazy time of year. And Michelle, knowing what it means for you this year, I'll look forward to it eagerly, promise.

  3. Sooooooo much looking forward to fall and Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  4. Seriously? I'm not ready. I wonder if our commissary has their stuff out. As of last week they hadn't.

    THIS is why I can't lose this weight! They put all that yummy candy right at the checkout line.

  5. I know it must be so difficult waiting for this overseas tour to be over. I am counting down and praying with you.

    Will it help speed things up if I can eat that bag of Halloween candy I bought today, and we'll just jump right into the next season?

    Jessica A.

  6. Haha – the boys' stocking are already all loaded down. I keep buying a little 'this or that' to put in them but they are pretty full. I'm trying to be good and just wait for the Christmas candy to come in and finish them off. Only 78 days to go. 😉

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