Toddler Convicted of Torturing Soldiers

We’re decorating cookies to send to Bill. He’ll eat one and then share the others, since he’s working hard to maintain his girlish figure.

Anyway, these cookies are supposed to look like Army guys. The Army’s black beret has a blue flash in the center. This is what my table looked like last night before we ran out of black frosting and started working on licorice mouths.

I detained all the little soldiers in a holding cell last night. They were on the kitchen counter waiting for their noses and cheeks. But Mary got to them first.

Chocolate chips eyes were plucked and apparently eaten. Mouths ripped off. I’m quite certain this is against State Department protocol. At least there was no evidence of water boarding.

I’m going State’s evidence. I had no idea things would get this out of hand.

5 thoughts on “Toddler Convicted of Torturing Soldiers

  1. Hey, at least that one soldier can still smile.

  2. You know, bloggers have gotten a lot of flack in the past for posting gruesome pictures like this. You could at least put a graphic content warning at the top.

  3. Toddlers, can't live with them, can't eat them.

    I love Mary stories. They make my life seem so much calmer 😉

  4. You are hilarious! And the cookies aren't bad either!

  5. Those are totally cute!

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