Is it naptime yet?

I’m having a tough, frustrating time right now, mainly because Mary has been very clingy. No matter how interesting the activity, she will not participate unless I am right there. Hence, she has been watching a lot of videos on my computer so I can at least do laundry or make dinner and be somewhat productive.

This attachment coincides with the weaning which I finally ended on August 29th. Eleven days later, and she has asked to be nursed I guess you can’t consider a tot weaned if she still asks for it, right?

I have found an outlet for my thoughts which pester me day and night through blogging and other writing. But Mary is not interested in sitting long on my lap while I type awkwardly around her. So, I read to her. Or I make “fish kiss” faces and she laughs and says more more. Or we play peak-a-boo. And then I do school or my work, and she makes messes or climbs precariously on furniture, and I finally turn on Kipper the Dog.

And there is no time to blog or to write emails to my husband beyond “Miss you. Love you. Girls started ballet today. More later.” More later ends up being “I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Will try to write in the morning.”

This too shall pass, I know. But in the middle of it, the days are too long and naps and bedtime too short.

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