Birthday Blog Hijacking II

Last year, I hijacked Bill’s blog to celebrate his birthday. This year, I’ve done it again, but with a different assignment:

This coming Sunday, Bill turns 41. He won’t wake up in a soft bed next to his wife. His kids won’t charge in with homemade birthday cards. He won’t have good home cooking catered to his personal taste. He won’t go to Mass, and he won’t kick back with a nice cold brew on a hot summer afternoon.

But we can do all those things. So, sometime in the next week, have a drink and toast Bill and all the other soldiers who are away from home. Say a prayer for his safety, and for my sanity. And leave a note {at his blog} (it will go to his email) telling him exactly what drink you’re having in his honor. He prefers beer, but it can be whatever you like, even ice cold lemonade.

You can leave a comment on his blog, or you can leave it here. He’ll get them either way.


One thought on “Birthday Blog Hijacking II

  1. You have a deal — we'll even take pictures!

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