More Baby Signing Time, please

The last thing a baby with 5 older siblings needs is more toys. I think we bought Mary the Baby Signing Time videos (Vol I and II) for her 1st birthday.

She loves them.

She watches one or the other every day. And she uses the signs, too. {As an aside, there is not much point to having your baby watch these videos if you don’t too. Mary was signing “ball” a few weeks ago, but I had had my nose in a book during that lesson and had no idea what she was saying.}

These short (30 minute) videos are a fun introduction to sign language. An adult (Rachel Coleman) shows the proper way to make the sign and gives a hint to help you remember it. Then you see children and their parents making these signs too, all while a catchy song is being sung. Two dozen signs are covered in the video which is entertaining for all ages.

I only wish I hadn’t waited until my sixth kid to get these. Mary’s 2nd birthday is coming up in a few months, and I will be getting her the original signing time for older kids. If Signing Time is a favorite of yours, which volumes do you like best?

7 thoughts on “More Baby Signing Time, please

  1. ALL OF THEM!!!! OK, if I had to pick… Series 1, Volume 3 (Family, Feelings and Fun) and Series 1, Volume 9 (The Zoo Train).

  2. I agree with Charlotte! Get them all — at least the first Series. You might be surprised by how your older children take to it. I started Signing Time with my 3.5 yr old daughter when she was 12 months. And, she still will watch the videos when I show them to my 14 month old. And, she loves to sign with me to this day.

  3. He, he. We didn't discover signing until our 6th either! It would have saved so much frustration as each learned to talk.

    We love them all, especially the farm, going outside, zoo train, and my favorite things.

  4. We have all of Series 1 and we like them better than Series 2(we have the first three volumes of Series 2 and we've seen the others). Series 2 was made for TV and has much more of a generic public television 'feel' to us. (The episodes were kind of 'cranked out' to meet TV deadlines.) Volumes 4,5, and 6 (Family, Feelings and Fun, ABC's and My Favorite Things) are possibly the best of the best (especially music wise) but we really love them all. They were truly monumental in helping my daughter's (with DS) communication skills.

  5. We signed with my youngest – “more” became “fulfil my every desire” but it was soooooooo wonderful to parent a signer.

  6. One more thing. When I started signing with my 12 month old my husband was deployed. He came home for mid-tour when she was 18 months old. At that point, my daughter had about 150 signs she could use. My husband got very frustrated because he couldn't communicate with her and he resented the signing a bit.
    So, when your husband gets home definitely give him a serious signing tutorial of her most frequently used signs or plop him in front of the DVDs. Epilogue: my husband is a Signing Time “believer” now and actively encourages our 14 month-old's signing.

  7. ABC's is a great one. I like all of them and the more you have, the harder it is to get sick of them hahahaha!

    One of my very good friends is deaf and taught me asl. I used it before it was the hip thing to do for kids and it sure helped with the whole “I can't talk yet so I'll whine until I get my way” thing of the toddler years!

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