But he was born yesterday…

I have finished lesson plans for my 1st grader, my 3rd grader and my 4th grader. They were fairly easy, since I have done those grades before.

I pulled up the 4th grade lesson plans to use them as a template for Fritz’s lesson plans. After saving with a new name, I made my first change: delete FOURTH and change it to SIXTH.

I have a sixth grader.

When did THAT happen?

6 thoughts on “But he was born yesterday…

  1. I totally understand the feeling!

  2. I know. Gabriel was just born yesterday, too. He'll 'officially' be in 7th grade this year. It's downright scary. Just a few more years, and he'll be in college. I remember thinking (a few years ago), oh my gosh!, I'll have a middle schooler soon!

  3. i feel ya! my oldest is going into 4th and i still cant believe it.

  4. I think it happens when we are not looking. And then we turn around for just an instant — and they are all grown! 😦

  5. Yeah, I know. I have a HIGH-SCHOOL SENIOR, an 8th-grader and a 2nd-grader.

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