Next up: prove that swings and bouncy seats are just as good for baby as a mother’s arms

Expert says breastfeeding benefits ‘greatly exaggerated’

I just don’t get it. God designed our bodies to feed our babies. It’s what “they” are for. I can’t help but feel that attempts to prove that formula, like daycare, is just as good as moms caring for their babies naturally is rooted in the desire to keep sex separate from its consequences. Sex without babies unless you intend it, and babies without a lifestyle change (return to work and perky breasts) unless you intend it.

3 thoughts on “Next up: prove that swings and bouncy seats are just as good for baby as a mother’s arms

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Notice that the article is from a prof from Canada. We are a very socialist country up here, so anything I read from the educated elite does not surprise me. Remember, a woman can get an abortion at any time in her pregnancy in Canada. Canada even has gone so far to reward Dr. Henry Morgantaler with the Order of Canada, our highest honour for a citizen. He is a radical abortionist from New Brunswick who was recognized for his “contribution” to women's health. Please pray for our country, and pray Obama does not do the same to yours.

  2. Sex has consequences? I thought everything we did that felt good had no consquences we didn't like.

    Ditto what both you and Marcie said.

  3. These types of studies always amaze me. However, my grandmother was told not to nurse her oldest child, because it was bad for him. With her next child, my mother, she ignored the doctors and nursed her, anyway. But, during that time (my uncle is in his late 50s), it was thought bad for the baby to nurse.

    This does amaze me, though. Formula companies try to emulate breast milk. Daycares try to emulate a mother's love. It's just not possible.

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