From my Inbox

When I get email, it has a tendency to sit in my inbox until I’m done with it. The junk gets deleted, unread. Other junk gets deleted, read. A few things might get “filed” in case I ever want to look at them again. And the rest sits and waits until I have time to deal with it appropriately.

Some things have been sitting for quite some time. For example, Jody Erickson emailed me last October about her hands-on sacrament preparation activities. I saw her table at the IHM Conference, and her products are very nice. I’ve also seen her book, Montessori on a Shoestring, and I wish I had had that about 5 or 6 years ago.

Back in June, I received an email telling me about Direct from Lourdes. If you want Lourdes water or a statue of St. Bernadette or anything else related to the apparitions there, including general (online and free) information about what happened, this is the place.

And also more than a month ago, I found out about Logos Bible Software. I definitely prefer a bound paper book to anything electronic (call me old-fashioned), but I do see the high value in having digital versions of texts. If you are studying theology, routinely writing articles or papers about certain topics or simply like to be able to find that passage or quote to bolster an after-dinner discussion with an argumentative spouse (not speaking from experience here at all), being able to search with a few key strokes and find your section within seconds as well as being able to cut and paste passages for your articles is convenient indeed. Logos Bible Software isn’t just the Bible. Their Catholic products include works of Augustine, Aquinas, Chesterton and others.

And lastly, I blogged about going to Williamsburg and mentioned that they have Homeschool days in the fall. I got another email telling me that the dates for this are September 12 – 27 (wow, two full weeks). If you pay in advance by 8/31, it is a mere $5.50 per ticket for one day with walk-in prices of $6.50. Two days are $8 in advance and $9 for walk-ins. Children 5 and under are free. The phone number given was 800-228-8878. Regular admission for an adult is $36, so this is quite a savings. I’m not feeling brave enough to do this without Bill, so it will have to be another time for us. But if you go, I highly recommend the Jamestown and Yorktown visitor’s centers as well.

3 thoughts on “From my Inbox

  1. This is something we definitely have to talk about. Dad & I have talked about going to Williamsburg for a long time – in fact we were going to go the year after we went to Disney, but it didn't work out. (Ask Margaret why she didn't want to go that year, anyway.) You know I've been trying to hoard my vacation days in case you needed us – and I think you need us for this. We can be available week days with a little planning on Dad's part. I'll make sure he knows about the possibility.

  2. P.S. BTW, it's not too late on the Montessori for the 3 younger ones & they may have useful things for the older ones.

  3. I always forget to go back and take care of all the emails that I thought I would get back to.

    Ditto with Mom on the Williamsburg trip if you need me. I'll just have to check with work first though.

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