Camping with Teddy

Fritz is packing up for his first ever away from home for a whole week camp with the Boy Scouts. We tried to do this last year, but it didn’t work out. So far, no reports of e coli at camp this year, thank goodness.

Hanging out of the side pocket of his backpack, I noticed a Beenie Baby teddy bear dressed in camouflage. We got this bear when Bill was deployed in 2003, and even had our family photo from that year taken with the bear representing him. I felt it necessary to warn my sheltered son of the possible consequences of taking the bear.

“Someone might make fun of you,” I mentioned.

“It reminds me of Dad,” he said as though such sentiments would be instinctively understood and respected by all.

“I just want you to be prepared in case somebody doesn’t know that. You might have to explain it, and they might tease you anyway.”

He didn’t respond, but his jaw was set. He’ll take that bear and defend it as though he were defending his family honor. I’ll be curious to hear when he gets back how that works out for him.

6 thoughts on “Camping with Teddy

  1. I'm betting Dad will be super proud of his young man!

  2. gosh, what a sheltered homeschooler! 😉
    good for him! i hope he defends the family honor well, as i am sure he will.

  3. My son still takes a stuffed cat on trips, and no one blinks an eye.

    You go, Fritz!

  4. Good for him! They won't make fun of him. And if they do, tell him about Big Brother's “Duck Tape Patrol”–his group of Scouts has a duct-tape flag, with a stuffed DUCK duct-taped to it. That flag goes to camp every year.

    What camp is he going to? My guys are going to Henson next week.

  5. Michelle,
    My youngest left for Goshen today. I remember when my oldest went away to camp for the first time. It was far harder on me than on him. I guess with kids coming and going all the time now, I've gotten a little bit used to it. But it is still such a relief to see him come home safely. Hope all is well. You and your family have been in my prayers.

  6. How'd it go? Did he have fun?

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