I hate goodbyes

My sister and her family are at the airport. It was tough dropping them off. We are hoping that the stars align for another reunion next summer at Cedar Point.

My parents, celebrating 40 years of marriage.

The kids and spouses.

The grandkids.

The whole gang.

COL Mustard, and family.

Mr. Boddy?
Professor Plum, and family.
Miss Scarlett.
Mr. Green, and family.
I really recommend The Picture People for large groups and small kids. Didn’t they do an awesome job?

11 thoughts on “I hate goodbyes

  1. Wow, looks like they got all the shots you wanted and they all look great!

  2. What a great idea! The pictures turned out great.

  3. What gorgeous people! How wonderful that you’ve captured everyone as they are today. And your mom! I can see you take after her — so elegant and pretty!

  4. You very strongly resemble your mom. 🙂 Love the matching shirts, too.

  5. I love these pictures so much.

  6. Michelle,
    These turned out FANTASTIC!!! What a great job they did and you guys look awesome! What a beautiful family—it must have been wonderful to have everyone there to share your parents’ anniversary.

  7. Looking at these pictures makes me see the beauty of life and family. I love them! You are so very blessed to have so many people in your family. What a joy!

  8. Those pics are great! Purple, purple everywhere. Again, happy anniversary to the folks.

  9. Super pictures, Michelle. I’m glad everything worked out for your reunion. Good stuff!

  10. Many Years to your parents! What lovely photos!

    And, you do favor your mom.

  11. Your pictures have convinced me that coordinating colors for family pictures can, in fact, work without looking obnoxiously cutesy. 🙂

    And just in time, for Canuck and I have to sit for a parish directory portrait in two weeks…

    Thanks, ma’am! (Your family – the whole extended one – is GORGEOUS, and I wish I had one half as close-knit.)

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