How to Wake Up Slumbering Minds

The point of this article, though it doesn’t say it, is that kids need to be taught how to think (aka: a classical or even traditional education). Most homeschoolers are checking this block. It is the public school systems that care more about test results than true education who have failed in this regard. I don’t know what the answer is. Schools need to be accountable for children’s educations, and we need some way to measure that (testing). Trust me, I understand the pressures of having a child pass the test. But I worry about that one mere week a year, not all year long.

Love this quote from the article: Mr. Willingham makes a convincing case that the distinction between visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners (who supposedly learn best when body movement is involved) is a specious one. At some point, no amount of dancing will help you learn more algebra.

Old fashioned memorization and drilling in the younger grades has proven over centuries to raise intelligent thinking adults. Are the public schools ever going to learn from their successes?

One thought on “Education

  1. I agree with him, to a point. There is one major problem with all the idea that children need to move to learn. It is that they need to <>not sit still<>. If these children are focused on having to sit still, they cannot focus on learning. Even a little wiggling helps. Xavier squeezes a ball when he is in a situation where he needs to sit still. That provides the ammount of movement he needs in order to learn. And, he <>does<> need it. He just doesn’t need to move a lot in order to learn.

    And, kinesthetic learners also learn by writing (movement), using blocks for math, etc. These are small adjustments that all children benefit from, but kinesthetic learners benefit more. On the other hand, there is no reason they can’t learn it through drill while using blocks.

    I’m a classical educator, myself. But, I accomodate his need to move in that education.

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