Pre-Lenten Debate

Do I give up the expensive, yummy coffee in favor of cheap, yucky coffee and give the cost savings to the poor?


Is that a really stupid idea, since I buy fair trade coffee so the extra cost is already going to the poor?

Any thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Pre-Lenten Debate

  1. Stick with the Fair Trade and just drink less. That’s my plan.

  2. Hmmmm. I’m thinking if you drink less, though, then you might not be contributing as much to their cause. Unless you just stock up and leave it in the cupboard or refrigerator until after lent.

  3. You see, that’s where the situation always gets really sticky! Might be good to skip the coffee question altogether and find some other kind of sacrifice.(written as I celebrate “Fat Sunday” here…I’m trying to eat up the chocolate before Lent. Wish me luck.)

  4. My sister works for a coffee importer and just got back from Panama, Guatemala, and El Salvador. She showed us pictures of the great places that benefit from the fair trade coffee exports. Stick with the fair trade and drink MORE! Also, if you find some that’s really good (especially from Dunn Brothers) buy more and give it to your friends and family for Easter.

  5. well, you could buy the same amount but drink less of it. or just give up something else. profound i knowdigging the purpler

  6. I’d stick with the fair trade and look for a different Lenten penance.I am not aware of fair trade chocolate (where they could certify that no slave labor was used), so that is always a good target…

  7. Dean’s Beans has good fair trade coffee.(I wanted to make sure I got a comment in before Lent. Are you givin up comments this Lent like last year?)

  8. I’d be a sad puppy if coffee were forbidden during Lent. So would my family.I say keep drinking it.

  9. OK, Fair Trade <>decaf<> it is. mmm…Fair Trade chocolate…perhaps I’ll buy that for Easter.Yes, Laura, I will probably turn comments off, but you can always shoot me an email!

  10. I’d understand if it’s not feasible, but what about giving up coffee and donating the money that would have been spent?

  11. How about staying with the Fair Trade regular, buy the same or more, drink less, & freeze the restfor after Lent? (After hearing about the pictures people have seen of the results of Fair Trade coffee, I'm going to get Dad to be on the lookout for some.)I also like the idea of taking the actual cash that you save on coupons and putting that money in the rice bowl. Do they do rice bowls where you are? They used to do them in Manville.Have a pleasantly sacrificial Lent!

  12. I’d say keep drinking the coffee since it helps the poor and give up something else.

  13. Why not split the difference? Continue drinking the coffee since it does so much good, limit your intake so your are participating in this sacrifice, and give the difference (between what you normally spend and what you will spend during Lent) to another charity. It’s a win-win-win.

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