A series of misfortunes

I saw this at Charlotte’s blog and thought it was too funny to pass up. You type in “Unfortunately (your name)” – don’t forget the quotation marks – and see what comes up. Here is a short selection of what I found for me:

Unfortunately Michelle couldn’t make a four foot putt when she was fourteen and still can’t at (thirty-seven).

Unfortunately, Michelle thought she didn’t need any help. (Humility is a virtue with which I struggle.)

Unfortunately Michelle had now begun to associate with known-gang members. (Oh, my.)

Unfortunately Michelle has nearly ZERO power over the rest of the operations and less than zero power over NAVL’s sub-contractors. (Wow. Less than zero? Does that mean if I use reverse psychology, I do have an influence?)

Unfortunately, Michelle is unable to blog from her location in Guatemala. (If you don’t see me posting for a few days, this explains it.)

Unfortunately Michelle showed all the style savvy of Queen Elizabeth — not good. (Hey! If you can’t say something nice…)

Unfortunately, Michelle also began using drugs and alcohol and did not limit her use until late in her pregnancy. (That’s what happens when you hang out with gang members.)

Unfortunately, Michelle’s father, Ruben, was often blamed by her mother, Juanita, for their daughter’s aversion to the Church. (Water under the bridge, Dad.)

Unfortunately, Michelle is getting a bit fussy, and starting to whimper. (I’ll be better after my morning coffee.)

Unfortunately, Michelle’s commitment to her family, friends and career ties her to Manchester and would not be able to move to Australia. (Island Reef People, don’t you believe this for a minute.)

Unfortunately, Michelle’s prediction proved quite prophetic when disaster struck during the party. (Gang members + drugs = disaster. Prophecy or just common sense?)

This is the best one of all:

Unfortunately Michelle was made redundant in July 2007. (Now that hurts.)

4 thoughts on “A series of misfortunes

  1. Yours were super funny! I had to wade through a lot of Charlotte Bronte and Charlotte’s Web references to find the funny ones! Husband and I had fun last night putting in the names of friends and siblings. We are easily entertained!

  2. <>Unfortunately, Kristina.com was already a flourishing pornography site<> LOLSome of these are hilarious!I do love the way you tied yours together. Very funny!

  3. I saw this, too, and am totally going to do it!Hilarious!🙂

  4. thanks for the laugh, might have to give this a whirlr

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