Apology accepted

Daschle Apologizes for Tax Errors, Faces Grilling

Everybody makes mistakes, Tom. As an American citizen whose country is in an economic crisis so frightening that my Congress is planning on spending HUGE amounts of money we don’t have to try to “fix” it, I accept your apology.

And I submit to my Congress, in the best interest of all Americans, that the $900 billion pork bill include funding to the IRS for extra auditors who will start with the current roster of Representatives and Senators, and then work back through the last decade of all elected federal officials, just to see if there might not be two or three more mistakes – honest ones, I’m sure – in their filings.

Ten honest mistakes in ten years the size of Daschle’s $146,000 oopsey is $1.5 mil in uncollected taxes. Does anybody really think that only 10 members of Congress in the last ten years made a mistake? If Obama’s cabinet choices yield two tax evaders (so far), then surely a look at all of Congress could get us a tidy sum of dough.

And if these are all honest mistakes, we can blame the oppressive tax system which is onerous and complicated and difficult for truly honest people to follow (and easy for dishonest people to cheat). And who is responsible for the tax system? Apparently, the biggest tax evaders of them all.

9 thoughts on “Apology accepted

  1. yeah totally. too bad our govt isnt willing to go as easy on us as they are to go on themeslves!r

  2. This isn’t on the subject of your last blogg. Do you remember the article you wrote about wanting the best job in Australia? Sid Dobin from Florida has made close to the finals. He teaches, he’s a great guy and I’d love to see him chosen. There’s also a guy from Illinois who seems to be interesting too. Just had to tell you.

  3. Ann: there are still 19 days left to apply. How does he know he’s close to the finals? I couldn’t find his video. Can you re-do the link?

  4. Hmmm…maybe if they found all those unpaid taxes, they could help fund the stimulus package.

  5. Yes, I saw the 19 days too. I missed something when I copied and pasted the url for you and now I can’t get to this fellows spot. I know it was around “page 21”. Apparently, part of the voting comes from the number of hits on his site. I messed up trying to find it and helped two other fellows who by the way would never be my vote choice. Sid had 303 hits when I logged on and you are right with 19 days left and 253 in the final group anything can happen. 253 was the number of people even considered. I am not that good finding things on the computer and a friend gave me the link which I have since deleted and I think I missed something.

  6. Ann: I really carefully read over the rules several weeks ago, and I don’t think the number of hits matters that much until the next stage. I thought they were going to pick their favorite 50, and from those 50 pick 10 finalists. The world will get to pick one additional wild card finalist. But I don’t think hits matters until then. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to people like me who haven’t had a chance to make their video. Speaking of…anybody really good at those sort of things? Some of these videos are really really good.

  7. I love the idea of auditing the tax returns of all our elected officials. Even with the statute of limitations, I’m betting we could come up with quite a hefty chunk of change. And wouldn’t it be nice to know whether ANYone in elected office has been honest on their taxes? I’d be sorely tempted to move to the state of someone who passed muster, just so I could once cast my vote for someone I had good reason to believe had integrity.

  8. We are now up to 3 nominees who haven’t paid taxes, and don’t forget Bill Richardson who is up for a grand jury investigation. Is anyone in Washington, DC ethical? (I mean, other than our husbands??)

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