Why do I even bother to read these stupid articles?

FOXSexpert: The 6 Most Common Sex Myths

What about that headline sounded appealing to me? I should have known there would be something stupid in there.

Myth: You Can’t Get Pregnant if You Aren’t Ovulating

She’s not ovulating so she can’t get pregnant — Not!

Fact: While pregnancy is likeliest to occur during the six days leading up to, and including, ovulation, a female can get pregnant at any point in her menstrual cycle. This includes the week of her period.

Even if couples want to take a chance and avoid unprotected sex around day 14 of her menstrual cycle (when she is most fertile), the fact that many women have irregular cycles makes this a dicey decision. Even women who have regular menstrual cycles may not ovulate on the same day each month.

Let me set the record straight: with the exception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it takes one sperm (from the man) combining with one egg (from the woman) to make a baby. When an egg is released, we call that ovulation. No ovulation = no egg = no baby. Got it?

Try this:

Myth: Predicting ovulation is easy.
Fact: Uh, no. I have a few children to prove it.

Myth: Counting days and assuming ovulation occurs at the same time every cycle will tell you when to avoid intercourse.
Fact: No. NFP is much more sophisticated than that.

Myth: Avoiding intercourse for a “few days” around expected ovulation will prevent pregnancy.
Fact: More like a week. Or two.

Myth: A woman can’t get pregnant while menstruating.
Fact: During the first few days of a normal menstrual cycle, this is generally true. The problem is that stress can trigger bleeding, as can hormonal changes and other factors. Ovulation may still occur at these other times.

Moral factors aside, NFP is the healthiest way to avoid pregnancy. But, get the facts, take a class, and read this book.

Myth: Catholics have big families is because they are ignorant.
Fact: Catholics have big families because they are blessed.

8 thoughts on “Why do I even bother to read these stupid articles?

  1. I love the last one! We truly are blessed, aren’t we.

  2. First, the person who wrote and answered that “myth” assumed that all people ovulate at the same time. Obviously, if you don’t ovulate, you can’t get pregnant. I love it when people show how ignorant <>they<> are. Unfortunately, they perpetuate their ignorance onto other people by writing things like this.And, I, too, like that last line. You ARE blessed. And, I have a question. When did children start becoming a burden instead of a blessing?

  3. It is intersting that a so called FoxSexpert wouldn’t know about knowing one’s body, isn’t it?

  4. While I “learned” NFP after our 2nd child was born, we certainly played loosey-goosey with the rules. Cutting corners led to: Maggie, Charlie, Timmy, and Baby Sunshine (due in 2 months). Now I know how to make babies using NFP I might be ready to actually follow the rules and do the opposite. It works almost 100% at preventing pregnancy when used properly. We just haven’t wanted to.

  5. All I can say is amen. That article made me roll my eyes…

  6. You are awesome!!

  7. Excellent, Michelle!I just read at CCLI. org that there is a newer NFP book and computer software to aid in charting. I’m going to have to look into it.

  8. Amen, Michelle! Yup, we’re blessed! And we are NOT irresponsible as someone once called me. We know what we’re doing. And we know who is the author of life. We also most certainly know how to avoid pregnancy when there are grave reasons to do so. Nice post. (And I will definitely contact you if Denise and I can arrange a meeting. I would love to meet you too.

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