Stiff Competition

The world is full of people with the freedom to drop everything and move to Australia for 6 months.

I was one of the many people who helped crash the one server set up to handle the gazillion hits this job application received.

My research shows so far that Australia permits homeschooling, that there is a ferry to the mainland where I could find a Catholic Church, and that I could take the kids along. I have to pay their way, but the $100,000 salary (for 6 months of non-labor) should cover that cost fairly quickly.

The job starts July 1st, and since I expect Bill to be gone during those 6 months, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Downsides: I would miss autumn. I think I’ll recover though (while lying on the beach). Also, the interview process includes some activities that sound vaguely Survivor-esque (lame, oh lame). And, most unfortunately, the interviews begin on May 3rd, and my daughter’s First Holy Communion is on May 2nd. That really throws a kink in the works, but Bill assures me that we would simply delay her FHC until I returned and that all my family who are planning on traveling from Alaska and Florida and Pennsylvania would happily change their itineraries at the last minute to accommodate my job prospects.

(I suspect he doesn’t think I’ll get that far. I don’t know why he would think that. They’re looking for people who like adventure. There are so many young, beautiful fools willing to eat bugs on national TV or perform other ridiculous acts in the name of entertainment that I think that sort of behavior is passé. How many people any more are bold enough to travel around the world with a half dozen little kids? You want to see knuckle-whitening tension? Keep track of a handful of non-swimmers at the pool or beach. Are any of these hard-bodied twenty-somethings capable of getting through an hour-long trip to the grocery store without losing a child or losing their mind? You want entertainment and adventure, come see how I live!)

Deadlines are February 22nd. I have to submit a 60 second video. I’ll let you know if they post it for viewing. Wish me luck.

11 thoughts on “Stiff Competition

  1. well, good luck to you. can we come along?r

  2. I would change my plans to accomodate you having an interview. Of course, I would change them to coming to the island in October or so, that way I can help relieve the tedium of island living.

  3. Oh, definitely, good luck!

  4. Go you! I used to want to try out for Survivor. I think I would have been a good candidate (except for the eating bugs part). It was the inability to go to Mass and my kids’ need for a real mother that always tripped me up. Do it for moms of many everywhere — live the dream!

  5. We’re cheering for you! Good luck Michelle!

  6. Good luck! This would be way better than going to Disney World!

  7. Best of luck!! What a homeschooling experience that would be:“Honey, can you move the umbrella over mommy, hand me my (insert favorite drink), and catch more starfish? We’re studying marine life for the next 6 months!”LOL!!

  8. Knock ’em dead!

  9. That would be awesome! You go Girlfriend!

  10. GO FOR IT!!! 🙂

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