How I spent my Christmas Break

Last night, on the way home from an Epiphany party, one apparently introverted 5 year old complained:

“All we do is party, party, party -“

It is a rough life.

“We’re done!” I interrupted her. “No more parties for all of January.” (Oh. Except for my husband’s promotion tomorrow – minor social event – not really a party, right?) “Now, we’ll just do school, school, school.”


That’s right. Work hard or play hard. No time to sit around and stare at the walls.

4 thoughts on “How I spent my Christmas Break

  1. Heh. May it be an unpartylike month.

  2. It’s a hard-knock life for the party goers.

  3. Promotion, Congratulations!

  4. congrats on the promotionr

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