Good stuff

Hot tomato soup for lunch.

Bill got back last night from Japan.

The piano teacher finally emailed me back confirming that I had, in fact, left my day planner there. I have found my mind.

My dad is out of the hospital and mobile. Broken hips aren’t like broken legs, and they get you up and moving around fairly soon. He has to use a walker, but we aren’t going to call it that, because old people use walkers. I’m going to call it a “four-point crutch.”

My mother is a Registered Nurse. She does home visiting and happened to be telling me several weeks ago that people don’t like to use the term “nursing home,” because nursing homes, like walkers, are for old people. Instead, when she has a patient who needs some “assisted living”, she tells them that they need to go to Rehab. It’s still a nursing home.

Yesterday she called with an update about Dad and said he’d be leaving the hospital probably that day. She said he’d be going to rehab. I said, “Oh. You mean he’s going to a nursing home.” She laughed, remembering how she had clued me in on that euphemism just recently.

So, my not-so-old Dad is going to practice ambulating with his four-point crutch at a rehab facility. He should be home before Christmas.

Lastly, Billy informed me that, for France, he is to take chocolate for the party. Doesn’t get much easier than that. I have a bag of M&Ms in the cupboard…


I have four children in CCD. Next week, they are having an “Around-the-World” Christmas party. That’s sounds nice, right?

Of course, that means bringing in food or other Christmas-y things related to different countries.

Fortunately, the girls’ classes have the same country. Unfortunately, their country is the Phillipines.

Billy has France.

Fritz has Italy.

If anybody has any suggestions…

…do not simply Google “French Christmas food.” I can do that. I could probably pull out some cookbooks I have and get some ideas for Italy and France. The Phillipines is tough, though.

Key word: simple.

Key concept: I do not wish to purchase new kitchenware, and I do not want to hunt in 8 different stores for a specialty ingredient.

I know, I’m so difficult.

Also, they prefer finger foods. Desserts. Appetizers.


Prayer request

If you Google “percentage of people who die within a year after a major fall,” various sites will tell you that when someone over the age of 65 falls and breaks a hip, about 25%-30% of them die within a year. Of course, plenty of these people might be octogenarians or older.

Fortunately, my Dad is only 62. Unfortunately, he’s in the hospital right now.

Prayers for my parents would be appreciated.

Note: a nurse at the hospital was the one who presented my mother with the statistic listed above. Nice, huh? Let’s focus on the worst case scenario, eh?

Additional note: I am more prepared to face my own death than I am ready to face the death of my parents. And I am definitely not ready to think of my dad as an old man who falls and breaks a hip.

Mary Moments Carnival

From Sarah, the Snoring Scholar, who lives on a farm in the Midwest:

In December, we will honor Our Lady of Guadalupe with our Mary Moments carnival. We welcome your feast day celebration ideas, traditions, recipes, or reflections. Do you have a special devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe? Have you felt a special bond with this image of Mary? Can you take a few moments to share it with us as we assemble a bouquet for Our Mother on this special feast day?

Submissions are due by December 12, using the online form or by emailing me at peerybingle [at] gmail [dot] com. If you don’t have a blog, you can still participate! I’ll post your entry as a guest post here. Mary Moments: Honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe will be live on December 15.

Did you just say what I thought you said? No? Good.

“Oh, Jesus!” I heard Katie exclaim in the back of the van.

I blinked once, twice, thrice in completely shock and disbelief. I slowly inhaled and mentally tested my “nonchalant” voice and sought the right words to ask who/what/where/when/why she would talk like that.

“I see a statue of Jesus!” she continued. Yes, outdoor nativity sets are out there. Fair warning.


Billy comes up behind me while I’m on the computer.

“What does K – Y mean?” he asks.

Um. Well. Maybe I should get some more data. I turn and he’s holding a magnet off the fridge from Fort Knox.


Planned Parenthood Tells ‘Teen’: Lie To Get an Abortion

Nothing new here. We’ve heard it before, and nobody should be shocked. But the video is definitely worth watching.

What really, really bothers me is that the nurse, obviously, thinks she’s being compassionate. You can hear it in her voice. She really wants to help this little girl whose life would be seriously affected by this pregnancy.

But she has all the logic of a teenager: if I’m pregnant, I’ll be in trouble. If I’m not pregnant, I won’t be in trouble. Therefore, all I have to do is not be pregnant, and I won’t be in trouble.

It really takes someone with maturity (a grown up) to recognize a few things:

1. Pregnant or not, a child having sex needs to be protected from stupid choices.
2. Pregnant or not, a girl of any age needs to be protected from older boys and men who prey on them.
3. Pregnant or not, there is an obvious lack of education regarding how to avoid pregnancy, the natural result of the poor choice to have sex in the first place.
4. Pregnancy is not the end of the world.
5. Pregnancy is not the biggest problem here. Sex at a young age is the problem.

Instead of acting like a grown up and trying to solve the real problem (a child having sex), the nurse acts like a teenage friend who figures if she can get an abortion without her parent’s consent, then all will be well.

True compassion would involve getting a 13 year old girl away from the predator who is destroying the remainder of her childhood. This might have to involve the police and the courts, and certainly vigilance on the part of adults to keep the girl from him. To a teenager, that may seem unfair, but this should be common sense to mature adults. We don’t let 13 year olds get married; we shouldn’t be letting them have sex.

And what rational adult thinks an adult male having sex with a teenager, especially one that young, is okay? I can see some quibbling if the girl were 16 and the “man” were 20. But 13 and 30? Obviously, the nurse’s compassion only goes so far as she can remain blissfully ignorant of the gritty details. The girl isn’t her flesh and blood, and though leaving the girl to flounder in a dysfunctional relationship might prick her conscious a bit, ultimately, her life would remain untouched by any long-term consequences that may arise due to the girl’s pregnancy or abortion or unhealthy sexual relationships.

Thank goodness the girl in the video is not pregnant and not 13. We can pretend that this wouldn’t really happen – doesn’t really happen – routinely at abortion clinics throughout the country. We can also pretend that abortion doesn’t present long-term psychological harm to the girl or woman involved.

Heck, we can pretend that abortion isn’t really happening or that it isn’t really killing babies, too.

But I think it’s time we grow up and act like adults capable of seeing beyond the single problem of an unwanted pregnancy. Should not protecting children be a universal desire?

Lord, have mercy

I have several nativity sets, including a Playmobil one that my sister gave to ME, and I make sure that everybody knows that it’s mine mine mine and they play with it merely at my whim and pleasure.

I located that set today and permitted the kids to set it up. There were tears and skirmishes, and I finally told everybody to leave it alone and go away. After everyone calmed down and found other amusements, I told the older boys they could play with it. Jenny found out, and she wanted to as well, but I told her she had to wait.

Fifteen minutes later, the set was deserted and I told Jenny she could take a turn. My mistake. Billy had merely gone into the basement to retrieve some other Playmobil pieces – Roman soldiers. More tears, and I told Billy he had to share with her (Fritz had lost interest).

Everybody is happy because Jenny is playing with the nativity set and Billy is having his soldiers run patrols. Doing what, you may wonder? Well, they’re Herod’s men and they’re looking for the newborn King so they can kill him.

Um. Not quite the mood I wanted to set. Accurate, though.