Public Service Announcement

Lavender is NOT a boy color.

She’s bald, alright? Bald is beautiful.

Stop calling her a “little guy.”

14 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. They did that to Middle Sister too.

  2. LOLFor what it’s worth, they call Meredith a “little guy” when she’s in OBVIOUSLY PINK GIRLY-GIRL stuff. So. Some people just. don’t. get. gender.(Either that, or “little guy” is an androgynous term, which I doubt.)

  3. It’s been done to all of my girls as well. Even my oldest when she was in hot pink overalls (from grandma). My boys have also been called girls, because they have long dark lashes.Your daughter is a cutey, though! I don’t think she looks anything like a boy.

  4. My mom used to scotch tape pink bows to my baby sister’s head in an effort to solve that problem. It did work, to some degree.Dad R.

  5. Once, when my oldest were toddlers, we were in the drs office. The girl was totally in pink… shirt, pants, shoes, socks, jacket and cap. The boy was totally in blue… shirt, pants, shoes, socks, jacket and cap. And a little old man looked at us and said, “Oh what cute kids! Are they boys or girls?”And, believe it or not, that is NOT the dumbest question I have ever been asked about my children.

  6. That happened to me all the time when I was little. I compensate for it by having 2 feet of hair now.

  7. That’s okay. I dropped my boys (including Gary) off at the barbers and went to get my own hair cut. I came back to see my baby sitting in the barber chair, getting his first hair cut, without a camera in sight, because some lady had told Gary what a beautiful little girl he had.<>My mom used to scotch tape pink bows to my baby sister’s head in an effort to solve that problem. It did work, to some degree.<>My mom did that to me. For my baby sister, she used glue. The glue washed right out and didn’t cause the ouch of removing it.

  8. HA! HA! I only laugh because all five of my girls were mistaken for boys as babies. And my ONE boy was mistaken for a girl several times. *sigh* I think SHE’s beautiful and lavander is definitely a girl color!

  9. ive had them in head to toe pink and still gotten thatr

  10. I always play it safe and say…”What a beautiful baby.”I could so easily be the dork who messes it up.

  11. I agree with Sarah… my bald baby girls even in PINK and FLOWERS were called, “little guy.” Weird.Then my boyish Ben-Ben in BLUE was told he was such a cute little girl.I honestly think people are clueless.

  12. People used to tell me that my daughter was a cute little boy. I started insisting on dressing her in dresses and pink and purple.

  13. For my youngest daughter, who is now 32 yrs old, I took a plain t-shirt. Do not remember what color, probably some pastel color. I bought iron on letters and to the front of the shirt I ironed on HE’S A SHE. On the back I put I’M A GIRL. I put it on her whenever we went out. She was old enough that she would ask for her “He’s a she” shirt if I forgot.

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