I want my MTV!

‘Colbert,’ ‘SpongeBob’ may go dark on Time Warner

Personally, I’m quite tired of my cable bill creeping up a little bit here and there. I had this idea that I could arrange for cable television for a certain price and it would stay that price for some time – like maybe a year. But that’s not how it works. I call the cable company and agree on a package for a certain price and I get that package and that price for a few months. And then, with no warning, my bill one month is $0.37 more. And since I peaceably pay that bill for a few months, I am rewarded with another increase, this time maybe $0.81. At the end of the year, my cable bill is several dollars more than it was when I opened my account.


I wouldn’t even get cable (I wouldn’t even have a TV in the house), if it weren’t for my husband who likes to watch programs that aren’t typically on rabbit-ear TV: Food Network, TLC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, the History Channel. Of course, he has very little time to watch TV, so I might try to convince him that we should go without for a few years. Maybe his next job won’t be so time consuming. Yeah, right.

So the deal is that Viacom, which owns MTV and Nickelodeon, wants more money for their channels from Time Warner, which would mean one of those surreptitious hikes in Time Warner customers’ cable bills. And they are threatening to pull their channels if they don’t get it!

“We make this request because Time Warner Cable has so greatly undervalued our channels for so long,” [Viacom] said. “Ultimately, however, if Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV and the rest of our programming is discontinued β€” over less than a penny per day β€” we believe viewers will see this behavior by their cable company as outrageous,” it said.

Certainly, I think the Peanut Gallery at most homes would be outraged: no Nickelodeon? Waaaa! But I’m wondering if there aren’t other bill payers, like me, who are just sick of the price increases. Be strong, Time Warner! Don’t let Viacom bully you!

7 thoughts on “I want my MTV!

  1. With all the technology available, I get annoyed that I can’t cafeteria pick the channel line-up I want. Why do we have to buy bundles of channels? It is to keep the lesser channels with reruns or nonsense available. If the law of supply and demand was in effect, then most of them would be off the air. I also get frustrated that I have to keep the smut out rather than pay to have the smut come in. Anyway, my thoughts, Happy New Year to you and yours and may you accomplish all your monthly resolutions!

  2. We have never had cable. The only time we miss it is when a sporting event (aka tennis tournament) is on. Well, when we visit family, I do enjoy HGTV and my husband loves the history channel and the military channel. But all things aside, we can live without it.That said, I am getting irked by ESPN – why? Because they keep hijacking all of the good events. First Monday Night Football. And in a few years, all of the major college bowls. This bothers me to no end. So you have to buy cable at 60-70 dollars a month just to watch the college football championship (as of 2011)? That is just wrong. Of course the ESPN gurus have “declared” that all sports watchers have cable anyway! WRONG!Sorry to vent – this has been on my mind as of late. We don’t miss cable – yet. And I cannot stomach paying for it merely because some elitist at ESPN has declared we shall have to. I guess my boys will just have to grow up not watching college football, however sad that makes me!

  3. Many years ago, we downgraded to basic, basic cable – like 20/month basic. I like it.

  4. We used to do “standard” cable which was the 20/mo version misnamed so you would ask for “basic” and pay 40/mo. We still got so much crud that in the end it wasn’t worth it at all. I won’t say it wasn’t a wrench to give up the fun stuff, and I definitely appreciate the friends who invite us over for the Super Bowl. In the end, I think we still watch a lot of TV by way of DVDs, but we only miss cable for sporting events. If we bit the bullet and all gave up cable, maybe ESPN would sell their stuff a la carte?

  5. We turned off our cable back in ’97 and haven’t turned it on since. And in Feb, when the air channels go digital, we won’t get those, either. It’s all because of that writers strike last year. Six episodes of my favorite shows, then finales? I don’t think so. They obviously don’t care about their viewers, so I don’t much care about their advertisers. Moving on…We’re big grudge holders here. Circuit City? They’re bankrupt because they sold us a bad monitor back in ’95 and we never ever shopped there again. πŸ™‚

  6. my vote is for directv….only because we can get every football game known to man and each time we move, the stations stay the same. Bonus for the kids….in some small way it makes each move less stressful for them. Plus I can block channels I don’t want pretty easily. Not necessarily cheap, but we like it.

  7. We do DirecTV like Denise, and for the same reasons. We don’t have the random price increases, and I block all those rotten channels, and have a Parental control that’s easy to use. The channels don’t show up that I block, unlike some cable that show “this channel is blocked”.

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