Sewing Machine

Because my girls’ ballet studio is a bit chilly, I gave them ballet sweaters and leg warmers for Christmas. They have worn them every single day, so I guess they like their gifts.

In Katie’s class, they wear light blue leotards, so she usurped the blue skirt I made Jenny for Halloween. This did not sit well with Jenny, who wanted a pink skirt to match her pink leotard. I bought the fabric weeks ago, and hoped to make it for the 25th, but I just didn’t have time.
I also had some fabric I intended to use to make small bags specifically for the carrying of all this ballet “gear.” I’m a little tired of pink slippers on the floor of my van. This project, too, did not get underway before Christmas rolled around.
But since I’m on vacation this week (ha!), I have the leisure to partake in my favorite hobby: sewing.
First, I modified the blue skirt from a wrap style to an elastic waist style. Then I made a pink one for Jenny, using the same wrap pattern (style H), but modifying it so it is slip on.
Then I modified this pattern to make shoulder bags for the girls. Mine are fully lined and narrower than the pattern designs. I also made the straps shorter for their smaller bodies. Fortunately, the girls preferred different fabrics, so they have opposite bags with the outside of one girl’s bag being the lining of the other girl’s bag. Now I’ll know who to yell at for leaving her stuff on the floor.

It won’t be Jenny, though. She almost never stops carrying her bag. It is rather stylish.
In this picture you can (barely) see a hair net I made for the girls back in October. I made another one for Jenny to match her bag.

That was yesterday’s work. Today I’m replacing worn Velcro on two of my husband’s uniforms (a tedious job). I also hope to stitch on the proper patches to Billy’s scout uniform. It’s been 6 months, and he still has the council patch from his pack in Kansas. I think the kid deserves a squared away uniform, at least in time for the Blue and Gold Banquet in February.

4 thoughts on “Sewing Machine

  1. Join the club, Will still has his Cub Scout insignia from North Carolina. With him graduating to Boy Scouts in a matter of 3 months, I’m not going to bother!I’m working on my own sewing projects. Will is actually helping a great deal with the sewing while I am religated to the tedious tasks of cutting with the rotary cutter and pressing.

  2. Wow, your Scout has machine-sewn patches on his uniform?! Impressive! I can’t sew on a machine, so my Scout and Leader Dad have crookedly-hand-sewn patches. No more glue after I ruined a $40 adult Scout shirt that time…

  3. looks like you are having fun. i tried sewing some Christmas presents but they turned out depressingly horrible. the bags & skirts look great!r

  4. I would guess that the distinction is made because of the two types of sports. Not that each sport would need two specifically designed < HREF="" REL="nofollow">leotards<> but that a person who was a gymnast would probably search on the internet for a gymnastics leotard.

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