Katie’s MRI

Katie has been complaining of knee pain for about a year now, and her newest doctor decided she should have an MRI. Because of her age, she had to be sedated. Bill took off work yesterday and spent all day at Walter Reed with her – leaving around 6 AM and returning at 5 PM.

Both my older boys have been anesthetized for different things, and their recovery was uneventful. Not surprisingly, though, Katie takes after her father and his side of the family with vomiting and an unwillingness to wake up afterward. At home, she closely resembled a late night drunk as she staggered around with half-lidded eyes. I had to order her several times to stay put before she started calling out when she wanted something. It was a pitiable sight.

We don’t expect to hear from the doctor until next week. And while a prayer for her would be appreciated, think more of the other littler children who were getting MRIs with her. They, and their parents, suffering through much worse than a chronic complaint of achiness could really use a few Aves.

5 thoughts on “Katie’s MRI

  1. Hope she will be OK! I will be praying.

  2. What do they suspect is the problem? Osgood-schlatter’s? Something else? Childhood arthritis? (My cousin was diagnosed with that when she was 6 or 7) 😦

  3. I hope she’s doing better. And I hope that the results find nothing too serious. I remember seeing a four year old girl with leukemia when David was at Sinai. She would walk up and down the halls of the ped ward every day. She was bald, but she was always smiling. The nurse said she had been there for a long time. I remember thinking what we had didn’t seem so serious after that.

  4. Praying! Praying! Praying!When we have gone to Children’s for tests or whatnot, I am always more upset and struck by the other children than I am by whatever battle we find ourselves facing. I think the lesson, for me, is always in seeing the other smaller/sicker/etc kids.Praying some more!

  5. Back when we were growing up, this kind of thing was called “growing pains”. Small consolation to the kids, but less worrisome for the parents.Of course, we are praying that this is nothing serious and that there is a simple explanation.Perhaps Katie just twisted her knee & keeps aggravating it.Think positive. Think common, everyday, childhood stuff.Love, Mom

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