Not the Big Brother

Last night, Bill very generously left work “early” (before 6 pm) and got home in time for me to attend a penance service sans children. Mary was not happy at being left behind, but she would have been more unhappy to attend a reflective service past her bedtime. And I would have been most unhappy at dealing with an unhappy baby at said reflective service and might possibly have nullified any potential grace received thereby.

As toddlers, my children are not as anti Not the Momma as they are when infants. With no other choice, they will eventually find solace on daddy’s shoulder and pass out from exhaustion. Or they might resolve to hold an all-night vigil awaiting my return. Either way, a few hours every so often without me doesn’t kill them.

Bill, though, long used to playing second fiddle to me, is now finding even that slight superiority being usurped by his oldest son. Mary spends much more time with her homeschooled big brother than with her works-out-of-the-house father, and she finds Fritz to be a fun and adequate alternative to her preferred caregiver. Fritz, to his credit, loves to dote on her, carry her around, play with her (anything, anything, to avoid doing school work, right?).

So last night, as she loudly informed everyone her opinion regarding Mom-going-out-for-the-evening, Bill would reach for her to offer his comfort, and she would swat him away while turning to Fritz. It was his chest I saw draped with her sleeping body when I returned.

Poor Bill. Not only is he Not the Momma, he’s Not Fritz either.

8 thoughts on “Not the Big Brother

  1. Will dotes on his baby brother in much the same way, keeping him entertained, singing to him… And Mary loves to read to the little ones and put Timmy to bed. While she knows exactly what to do (sometimes better than her Daddy), it makes me a tiny bit sad that I’m so easily replaced. After all I AM the Mamma!Fritz is a great kid!

  2. Penny prefers Brenna over Daddy, too, if Mama isn’t available. I hear her now, rudely shouting, “Morning!” to her siblings in order to wake them. 🙂Better go!

  3. I feel sorry for poor dads usurped by their own children. Baby Wingnut prefers our 4th over Dad or anyone else for that matter. I feel sorry for them all if our 4th and I are both out of the house!

  4. That is possibly the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time. 🙂

  5. how sweet is that. sarah def loves her big sister, as does james but daddy still has that mystical aurar

  6. Tell Bill to relax. Daughters rediscover dads when things go bad. When cars won’t start, when dolls heads fall off, when tires are flat, when camels, Mongolia and broken arms are in the same sentence…. When somebody has to tell Mom. Then it is time to call Daddy.

  7. The whole Not the Momma thing still cracks us up (even as we have adopted the phrase), and though I thought nothing could top it, Not the Fritz does top it. 🙂 (Bill should be THANKFUL, right?)

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