The Faith Database

I received The Faith Database CD as part of the Catholic Company product reviewer program.

This is a mixed review.

First of all, what is The Faith Database CD?

The Faith Database is a CD-ROM that provides access to over ten Bible translations, a Greek Bible, papal encyclicals, writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, the Catholic Encyclopedia, over 1,500 books by famous Christian writers, Church history, Bible art, maps, and much more! The Faith Database is completely searchable, printable, and portable (PDA) — everything is linked together for instant research of any faith topic.

Obviously, having so many resources at your fingertips is a great thing. I thought the Database was fairly easy to navigate, and I was impressed by how much information they squeezed on one CD.

But, I’m not sure there isn’t the same information (or more) to be found just using an ordinary search engine on the internet. In my reluctance to pay for something I can get for free, I’m not convinced I would buy the Database.

However, I do think that I would be much more comfortable having my non-web savvy students browsing the Database for research on Catholic subjects. So, for safe, yet diverse, browsing, the Database would be a great idea.

Lastly, I did have some technical problems and the third or fourth time I looked at the Database, the whole thing crashed and had to be re-installed. Not sure what the problem was, and I’ve only looked at it once or twice since then, so I’m not sure if it will happen again. Routine failure would annoy me if I used it regularly.

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