9 thoughts on “Dawn

  1. Hey, we almost have the same playset (came with the house). Just beautiful.

  2. You must live in a different part of Alexandria than we lived in when we were there! I missed out on that part.

  3. What a beautiful view!

  4. is this a wheres waldo? i dont see any deer…nice view though!!r

  5. WOW! I need to move to your neighborhood!

  6. Oh my goodness, lovely outlook!

  7. Okay, let me know when the house next door becomes available. Your back yard is awesome!

  8. Beautiful and peaceful view.What would we be hearing if we were there?Would it sound as peaceful as it looks?

  9. jen, is your playset roof leaning against the shed too?juli and barb, we got very lucky.lerin and mimi, thanks.regina, they’re all hiding behind the trees.AK, house for sale across the street.laura, at dawn, it is nice and quiet. children sleeping, neighbors drinking their coffee in their homes. we have birds singing and squirrels hunitng for nuts. The Interstate (about 400 yards away) isn’t too busy.In all honesty, now that the leaves are falling we can see lights from the apartment building through the trees and the headlights of cars on Route 395.But we heard a screech owl last night and have seen barred owls and heard them during the day. We’ve seen foxes and deer and other animals. The neighbors are quiet (and probably shake their heads at the noisy family with all the kids). It’s a nice spot.

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