Why I’m So Obsessed with that Darn Lid

I held a pre-dawn couch conclave this morning. Jenny snuggled on my right and Peter on the left. Somehow I managed to sip coffee and skim a book. The baby was exploring, but I had no worries because the basement door was closed. What could she possibly get into?

A moment later my mother’s ears detected a change in her babbling. Just as we learn to distinguish a baby’s cries, and know when something is seriously wrong and we need to respond immediately, so, too, can we tell when a contented baby becomes too happy. Sounds of overwhelming joy from an unattended infant are not normal and require immediate attention.

I ran down the hall and found her, standing at the open toilet, splashing to her heart’s content.

8 thoughts on “Why I’m So Obsessed with that Darn Lid

  1. LOL they just love water, don’t they. Brings back memories.

  2. I have so been there.(Not the splashing in the toilet part, mind you, but the <>finding<> of the child splashing in the toilet part.)Were you like “Noooooo!!!” ?

  3. Yeah, what fun…my Peter did that too when he was a baby, but he was even older as I recall when he decided to play in the potty. I remember we tried one of those toilet bowl locks…but it didn’t work.

  4. And hopefully the last person who used it flushed. Ugh.

  5. A friend told a tale that when her son was young, she once found him completely inside the toilet. He grinned up at her and, splashing water everywhere, said, “Look, mama! I swimming!”

  6. I’m with SC Momma!!

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