Birthday Fun

I hijacked my husband’s blog and made an entry in honor of his birthday, which is tomorrow. Bill turns 40. One of the funniest blog posts I ever saw was when people left made-up stories of their favorite memories of the blogger (I don’t remember who did this). So, please, to say happy birthday to Bill, hop over here and tell him about something that didn’t happen to you two. If you can do it before noon today, it will be even funnier, since he’ll see your comment via email, but will not have access to his blog to see what you are writing about. This is a great day for all you lurkers to leave a comment.

Happy 40th, Bill! Gosh, I remember your 21st when we…
Bill, birthday greetings! Remember that time in NYC…
Bill, did you ever tell Michelle about that time we…
Bill, you and Michelle will have to come over again. I’m still laughing about last Saturday when…

4 thoughts on “Birthday Fun

  1. I hope you said something to his coworkers so they can spy on his reactions for you…LOL! Too funny!Happy birthday to Bill!

  2. oh crap, did i miss this? it isnt 12 in my timezoner

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to Bill! Many Years!

  4. I like how you pointed out that anything I said was pure fantasy. Like I would expose deep dark secrets just to embarass my brother on his birthday! I would never do anything like that. Noooooo, not me. πŸ™‚This was a great idea. A lot of funny stories. I couldn’t think of any good fictional stories, so I just put a true one up. πŸ˜‰

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