Insanity is…

…doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Like me and cakes, especially if I’m doing the decorating.


As an aside, I must explain that kitchens/food disasters are just a part of my life. The end results are generally good, but it’s the getting there that is often…adventurous.

For example, the house we own in New Jersey came with several pieces of furniture left behind by the previous owner. One was a kitchen table with a metal top on a wood frame. The house was small, and I would often sew at that table in the kitchen. I quickly learned that the frequency of the metal table top matched that of a certain speed of my sewing machine.

For those of you non-science types, let me explain what that means. Have you ever heard of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge? If you want to see some amazing live footage of a bridge collapse, check out this video. What happened with this bridge is one day the winds going through the Narrows exactly matched the frequency of the concrete and steel structure of the bridge. Everything has a frequency, and the wind made the bridge oscillate just like a wave. Cool to see, especially since nobody died.

In my little kitchen, my sewing machine did to my table what the wind did to that bridge. So, what did I do? Nothing. I would sew along on a bouncing table.

One day, I had chili in the crockpot. Did I mention the kitchen was small? I had no counters, so the crockpot was on the kitchen table. I was also sewing. The crockpot was behind the sewing machine, and I was paying it no mind. I got into a groove with whatever project I was working on, and as I got up to speed, the table began to bounce, violently. I continued to sew, and naturally, the crockpot bounced right off, hitting a chair in just the right way to send chili flying from the ceiling to the floor along the wall with my few cabinets and the sink.

However, enough chili stayed in the crockpot that we still ate well for dinner. We just didn’t have leftovers.


Today, for Katie’s birthday, we drove over 3 hours north to visit with friends. I made her a chocolate cake with chocolate icing all from scratch. I made white flowers and she and Jenny and Peter put M&Ms in the centers. It was beautiful. She was so happy.

I told her we should take a picture of it before we put it in the car, because I was doubtful it would get to Pennsylvania in one piece.

I forgot.

I think we were in Delaware when I heard the thud in the way back. It was bad. I salvaged it as best I could, and we ate it anyway. I think the kids called it a “volcano cake.” It was yummy. Ugly, but yummy.

I’ll see if those photos came out tomorrow. After I clean my van.

One thought on “Insanity is…

  1. oooh we drove over galloping gertie just the other day-though it is (obviously) an entirely new bridge it still gave me the heebie jeebies!r

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