The 85% solution

I’m going to declare the blog now “good enough.” There’s a limit to how much time and energy I’m willing to put into a hobby.

I am rather proud of my header, so I would love it if you would do a little oohing and ahhing over that if you haven’t already. Or maybe that would just feed my ego and contribute to my moral decay, so you should remain silent. I’m not sure. Oh, I know: leave a love note and then say a prayer for my soul?

And for any of you techno-savvy types, here’s my list of what I’d like to do, and if you know how, just let me know:

  • I’d like it if the blue floral pattern going down the sides were wavy or twisted or some other effect to make it look more like scrunched fabric than a cut and paste flat picture.
  • I’d like the navigation bar and the main post body and the sidebar to be all on the same “sheet” so to speak, but with outlines around the different elements to distinguish them.
  • I’d like the navigation bar to be centered and to extend from the left side of the post entries to the right side of the sidebar.
  • I’d like to look like Claudia Schiffer and have a nice photo of me on the sidebar.
  • I’d like to have a little link on the sidebar which says “Buy My Book Here.” I’d happily write a book, too, if anyone has any suggests for a topic. I think it’s all been done already.

Feel free to offer any advice on how to do any of those things.

Also I’d like to hat tip Totus Tuus Family for pointing out The Cutest Blog on the Block which tutored me in all these endeavors.

16 thoughts on “The 85% solution

  1. I have to admit I did a double take yesterday as I checked in. I wish I could hlep you with the technical difficulties, but that is SO not my expertise!LOVE the new header, and your kids are just beautiful.

  2. Hi Michelle! I, too, like your new look. Very pretty and feminine! While I don’t have time right now to answer any of your specific questions (which is not imply that I actually COULD answer any of your questions, but <>maybe<> I could if given enough time to play…) I did want to direct you to a couple of my favorite how-to sites. They are ones that have never failed me! I see you’ve already found The Cutest Blog on the Block (my most recent happy discovery!), but two of my other tried and true favorites are < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Tips for New Bloggers<> (their side bar is packed with great help topics, or you can just search their site) and < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Moms Who Blog<>. I haven’t used their site in a while but I remember finding help to add borders quite a while back. Another thing is that you might have to try different templates in order to achieve the customizations you want. Hope this helps!

  3. That’s all Greek to me, but I do like the new header.

  4. oohh and aahh! The header is awfully cute!

  5. Oooh! Aaah!I think it’s looking very nice. Fresh and feminine. 🙂And I say: forget Claudia Schiffer! Snuggle up with baby Mary and take a photo! Really, do you have an accessories nicer than her?

  6. Oooo, it’s bee-yoo-ti-ful!And you are WAY prettier than Claudia Schiffer. And you’ve got cute kids, and a great husband, and a dog. What more could a girl want? 😉

  7. The makeover looks great! Have you seen Claudia lately? You may want to stick to your normal genes. 🙂

  8. Oooooh, ahhhhhhhhhhh! Very nice.

  9. It looks really nice!Sorry I can’t help you with the techno stuff. Aren’t you an engineer? That would automatically make you more qualified than I, the English major… 😉

  10. looking good kotterr

  11. I can’t believe you did it yourself…you are so more skilled than I.Very pretty, but I get thte feeling there will be more from you and so I look forward to checking back. 🙂

  12. Thanks for the link. I spiffed mine up and it only took about 5 clicks to do. Also, hopefully it will get r off my back about my infrequent posting. I’m trying to dazzle and distract in the hopes she won’t notice that I only post about once a week lately. I think it just might work.

  13. Very nice. As Gary would say, Claudia Schiffer’s a hag. You’re beautiful. Just look at all those kids. If that doesn’t reflect beauty, I don’t know what does.

  14. It’s beautiful — well done!

  15. As blue and white is my favorite combination, I find it absolutely lovely. But I also confess I rarely go to the real blog, but just read the meat of the blogs. I love the pretty ones, but I just don’t have time to tweak! I’d rather be doing something else!

  16. I just clicked over to see your new blog (I get you in Google Reader), and I really like it. You should be proud of your new header. It looks great! Sorry this is a little late, but that’s better than never.

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