No, Mom, I really think we should contain the Russian threat…

We only get the Sunday paper, but the other day my boys happened to see the front page in one of those vending machines.

“Mom, did you know the Russians invaded Georgia?”

Billy and I went on for several minutes calmly discussing the war. He suggested US involvement, but I told him I felt we should stay out of it. It wasn’t until my friend, overhearing our conversation, pointed out that the Russians were not on American soil that I realized he thought they had attacked that state located between South Carolina and Florida.


7 thoughts on “No, Mom, I really think we should contain the Russian threat…

  1. ROFL. Sounds like it’s time to touch on the former Soviet Union in geography class… πŸ™‚(It’s an easy mistake to make. But it’s still very cute.)

  2. Very funny.πŸ™‚

  3. Tee hee. There was actually a good, brief article I saw this morning on Slate about the names of the two – one named after the Saint, and the other after the King. knew about the country and the saint, I didn’t about the king and the state.

  4. ROFL Could see where he would have a problem with that!

  5. I’m the opposite of Mimi – I knew about the king and the state, but not about the saint and the country.

  6. How funny. My kids got a worried look on their faces when they first heard about that conflict. I knew right away what they were thinking and yes, we WILL be specializing in geography this year!

  7. We must save Atlanta!!! πŸ™‚

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