I’m still trying to get used to this metal-free smile. We tried to return to the same orthodontist we originally had, but she had retired. Her replacement just could not grasp the magnitude of my joy when I saw his latest dental photos showing fairly straight teeth coming in. There was one adult tooth on the bottom right that had been nearly perpendicular to its proper direction, and everyone was sure he was going to lose it.
You can read all about the cyst that caused us so much grief here.
God is good.
And now all I seem to hear these days is, “Mom, can I have some gum?”

7 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. What a beautiful smile!!! God is great, indeed. 🙂I say, let him have the gum! (Not that my opinion matters…I just remember what it was like when I FINALLY got my braces off in 7th grade…)

  2. Wow, he looks great! What a difference a year makes. Last summer, all that metal.Big Brother is jealous. He’s been in braces more than 2 years already and it looks like 6 months to go….

  3. I’m so happy for him…and for you!

  4. Yay! Whohooooooooooooo! We called that time of enjoying all he’d forsaken an “Orthodontic Pascha” Grin!

  5. What a cute smile! He has such straight teeth (but they don’t look “fakey straight” like they sometimes do after braces) and you can’t even see any after effects of the cyst.

  6. What a handsome boy with that nice smile. He looks so confident.

  7. Make sure he wears his retainer!!! No matter how much he hates it!!!

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