On moving

Things that are more likely to happen in the weeks leading up to and after a big household move:

  • Something you meant to keep away from the packers being taped up
  • Something you were sure you wouldn’t need (so you let it get packed up) being needed
  • Something noisy like a toy or a battery powered alarm clock being taped up
  • Damage to a vehicle (yours or one you are driving)
  • Emergency room visits
  • Other significant injuries (especially back aches)
  • Lost wallet, purse or ID card
  • Lost cellphone
  • Lost paperwork
  • Lost in transit (as in, “I thought we were supposed to go north, not south, to get to the interstate…”)
  • Lost locally (as in, “I thought there was a grocery store here…”)
  • Lost driver (as in, “I won’t be delivering your stuff until next week…”)
  • Lost hardware (as in, “Where would they pack those brackets?”)
  • Lost tools (as in, “I just had the hammer, where did I put it?”)
  • Lost children (as in, “I thought you were watching him…”)
  • Having a credit card denied due to unusual activity
  • Having a bank card swallowed because you used the wrong pin too many times
  • Confusion over day of the week, time of day, or current location
  • Upset tummies due to poor diet
  • Headaches due to dehydration
  • Dark circles under eyes due to lack of sleep
  • Sunburn (since you taped up something you didn’t think you would need)
  • Excessive reliance on restaurants or prepackaged foods
  • Money spend on things you don’t need (like souvenirs)
  • Money spend on things you shouldn’t need (but need to buy because you can’t find or get to the ones you have…like brackets…or sunscreen)

Items in bold happened this time around. Bill probably has a few more things to add. I’m sure I’ve already repressed a few memories.

8 thoughts on “On moving

  1. I just LOVE when an alarm clock goes off INSIDE a box amongst a whole PILE of boxes. Oy.Aren’t you glad it’s over? 🙂

  2. Yes! I’m especially happy to have found my wallet last night.Last year, I was pregnant and was able to get organized fatser. This year, with an infant and some virus sweeping through the house, it has taken longer.I’ll bet you can’t wait for your turn, huh?

  3. I like moving just for the decluttering. 🙂 Not for the lost stuff, though. Or vomiting kids. Why do they always get sick at a time like that? We’re going to go look for a house at the end of the month. Getting closer!

  4. My grandmother said, “5 moves equals a burnout. You should move every 5 years.”Of course, that doesn’t count buying a new plunger every time you move. And, having 15 hammers….I’m glad you guys aren’t homeless anymore!

  5. Lost ID…checkI apparently sent it with the girls in the diaper bag ahead of me. I’m glad I checked before I attempted to drive on base without it. It is now safely in my wallet.

  6. Kristina, thanks for asking. She’s fine. The rash was “just one of those things” I guess. Maybe the heat? It was really light the next day, and I didn’t even take her to the doctor.Bill sent me an article today about how many measles cases there have been in the US this year – record numbers. They blame the parents for being ignorant. Unfortunately, it’s the more educated parents making the decision to withhold the vaccine from what I see. But I am biased.

  7. Everything in bold happened!?!? Oh my goodness. You are in my prayers.

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