The Road to Omaha

Next to the Omaha zoo is Rosenblatt Stadium: home of the NCAA Men’s College World Series. In front of the stadium is a sculpture called “The Road to Omaha” which depicts cheering young men who are, apparently, happy about progressing to this event.

My children pose with the victorious team.

I wonder if I’ll get get to go to Omaha to see one of my own boys play? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Here are Billy and Katie. Maybe Katie will go to the Women’s College World Series which is held in Oklahoma City. We almost went to Oklahoma City instead of Omaha last weekend.

This great shot was taken by a friend. My little slugger.

Fritz loves to pitch. He’s not bad either. He actually can throw strikes, much of the time.

This picture is for my mother-in-law. My husband’s side of the family has a genetic defect that has them all stick out their tongue when they’re concentrating. I do not do this. My husband does it. All my kids do it. Bizarre.

Baseball is over. Piano is over. I opted to wait until we move to do swimming lessons. We finished the California Achievement Tests today (!!!!!). We seem to have all sorts of appointments for doctors, dentists and orthodontists over the next week or so, but that’s it. Two weeks from tomorrow, I’ll be homeless again.

2 thoughts on “The Road to Omaha

  1. Great action shots! The first pic is great too. Yes, it’s a genetic flaw that extends back generations. It always seems to twist and go to the side.

  2. You have the rental all lined up right? Last time I was “homeless” I expressed this feeling in front a childhood friend who thought I was being “draumatic.” I know there’s a home out there adventually, but it’s such a disjointed feeling to not have your home somewhere, to know it’s traveling in a tractor trailer somewhere…or stuffed away in some storage facility. I feel your pain!

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